Who are we?

Marcela y Matt

Marcelita’s Empanadas is the culinary love child of Marcela Rave Valencia and Matt O'Donohue.

With Marcela’s Colombian heritage and Matt’s love of food, it wasn’t long after they met that the world of empanada making was opened up.

It all started in a little apartment in Wembley, where Marcela first introduced Matt to this simple Colombian delicasy of maize flour pastry filled with meats, vegetables, and spices. Matt was amazed (by Marcela and her empanadas), and they were soon making them together to take to parties and wowing their friends at every bbq.

Marcela could see the potential and so they decided to step up to the next level and got in touch with Vince Gareffa to see if they could try their luck at the Mondo Mini Markets in Inglewood in the spring of 2010. Vince was more than happy to give them a spot, and so it was that the first empanadas made their way onto the streets of Perth.

Since those early days the business has grown to involve serving at large events and festivals such as the Twilight Hawkers Markets, Beaufort St Festival, Mandurah Crab Festival, and countless others. As well as catering for large scale events and intimate private functions. 

After being in business for more than 10 years, and having added two beautiful boys to the team, Marcelita's is a family business that is committed to serving great food, and everything we do comes from making sure our food makes you feel like you're home, wherever that might be.