What is an empanada ? - Marcelita's Empanadas

What is an empanada ?

Empanadas are delicious morsels of pastry filled with all sorts of wonderful ingredients. Empanadas originated in Galicia, Spain where the word “empanar” means “to coat with bread”. The Spanish of course set sail for Latin America and soon the empanada was a staple dish in many Latin American countries.

In Colombia, with an abundance of corn, they make their empanadas with maize flour. The flour is shaped into a dough and filled with meat and vegetables, and then deep fried.

There are many varieties and styles of empanadas all across South America and beyond, although we like to think ours are some of the better ones (as does every other country).

Our menu typically consists of 3 varieties of empanadas.

  • Beef – Shredded beef skirt with potato and capsicum (carne desmechada con guiso y papas)
  • Pork & Lime – Pulled Pork Shoulder with Lime & Coriander (cerdo con limon)
  • Potato – Potato with paprika & spring onion (parroquianas)

We also make seasonal specials such as:

  • Caribbean Chicken – Shredded chicken breast with coconut and spices (pollo caribeño)
  • Smoked fish – Smoked trout, potato, chives (pescado ahumado)
  • Black truffle – Potato, cream, shaved Manjimup black truffle
  • Oyster – A single oyster freshly shucked by Jerry Fraser, with potato and spices

Our empanadas are served with freshly made guacamole and Colombia’s favourite chilli salsa – Ají Piqué (a fiery salsa made with fresh red chillis, vinegar, lime juice, spring onion, and coriander).

All of our food is gluten free, and we use quality local ingredients. We fry our empanadas with Australian Canola oil, and there are no nut or diary products used. Where this changes for special items it will be clearly labelled.